We now interrupt your regular, scheduled broadcast to bring you this important notice from District 13.

The media has missed the point over and over again when it comes to the Hunger Games. From the coverage on entertainment news outlets to the movies’ own marketing campaigns, it’s gone far beyond the area of reasonable doubt. This isn’t them drawing a clever and deliberately problematic parallel to the Capitol - it’s them mirroring and celebrating the Capitol without a second thought.

The Harry Potter Alliance’s Odds In Our Favor campaign has been taking a stand against the Capitol - not just the ideas it represents but the reality it is becoming. This video highlights some of the most powerful parts of what we’re trying to do.

You can find out more about the campaign and join the resistance here. 


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Made a wrong turn Once or twice Dug my way out Blood and fire Bad decisions That’s alright Welcome to my silly life Mistreated Misplaced Misunderstood Miss no way it’s all good It didn’t slow me down Mistaken Always second guessing Underestimated Look I’m still around Pretty, pretty please Don’t you ever, ever feel Like you’re less than Fucking perfect Pretty, pretty please If you ever, ever feel like you’re nothing You’re fucking perfect


to me

Hey you,

guess what?



Never forget that <3

Never let anyone make you feel less than perfect.


oh my god i thought this was gonna be one of those sad fandom posts but it was so much better

Im so emotional right now and this is not helping i am sobbing and i dont know why

this is what i needed right now



ugh someone give me a fic where team free will go to the local park near the bunker because Cas heard there was a firework display and he hears it’s an important human experience so they all go down there and Cas is totally enthralled by the fireworks like he honestly…